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By: Matt Angerer

In a digital world, every aspect of our daily lives is impacted by computers. From checking the weather forecast in the morning, to paying bills online, or shopping for gifts; almost everything we do has an online component. Computer software has become an integral part of our lives, and when software does not work properly it can create significant problems.

Today, we rely on software testing as the primary method for verifying software. By locating defects in software, this verification process ensures the best possible experience for your end-users. Unfortunately, according to a report published by Monash University, software testing has historically been the most ignored step in the software development lifecycle. Innovative ALM products that allow testing earlier in the software development lifecycle are beginning to change quality assurance mindsets.

Lack of Software Testing Can Lead to Serious Consequences

Serious defects can occur in software for a number of different reasons. When an organization fails to comprehensively test their software, there is potential for catastrophic results. LeHigh University reports that Knight Capital, a firm specializing in executing trades, experienced a $440 million loss as a direct result of faulty tests on their new trading software. Failure to properly test software can even result in the loss of life. In 1992 the London Ambulance Dispatch service endured a software glitch that led to 45 deaths, according to Wired.

A Better Software Testing Solution

In each of these instances (and scores of others) the solution would have been as simple as implementing best practice software testing methods. Fortunately, this trend is finally beginning to improve. The Capgemini World Quality Report 2014-2015 found that for the first time since 2012, there are more new development projects in testing budgets than there are maintenance projects. Additionally, some 93 percent of organizations are now using agile development compared to just 87 percent in 2013, underscoring the need for SaaS products like HP Agile Manager. We celebrate this progress, however, most organizations still struggle to find a suitable testing approach.

Types of Software Testing

Within software application lifecycle management, testing may be categorized as unit testing, system testing, integration testing, or acceptance testing. Various types of testing may be utilized when implementing a test strategy, including functional testing and structural testing. Functional software testing sometimes involves regression testing, or modifying a system to detect possible defects. Be sure to seek consultation on which testing methodology is best suited for your projects.

When properly implemented, software testing can reduce the final cost of a product by significant margins, while also improving the end user’s experience and satisfaction. This leads to improved brand recognition, a higher quality company, and significant cost reduction by trapping and fixing defects earlier in the development lifecycle.

For more information about how defects can be detected earlier in the software development lifecycle with advanced ALM tools, contact the ResultsPositive ALM Productivity Team at rpinfo@resultspositive.com or email me directly at mangerer@resultspositive.com.

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