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ServiceNow PPM Training

Empower your team to seamlessly adapt with market conditions and deliver faster with

customized ServiceNow PPM training. Learn best practices to align demand, resources,

and portfolios for increased productivity and return on investment.

PMO Supervisor, Healthcare

The Project and Portfolio roadmap workshop was very informative and best practices overview was extremely helpful for our next steps. Look forward to more with Jon!

PMO Director, Treasury

The training was very helpful, I will definitely attend the next 2 to learn more about the Project and Portfolio management modules.

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New Online Training Courses

Register today for our in-depth online training series on the latest ServiceNow functionality as taught by our veteran PMO and PPM solution specialists.


Online Training

Our courses give you access to presentations, roadmaps, and an open forum to discuss your organizational needs with seasoned ServiceNow professionals and a panel of your fellow attendees.

ServiceNow PPM Training Session

Download this data sheet to see how you can access best practice usage and associated options to manage Demands, Projects, Programs, Portfolios, and Time Management capabilities.


ServiceNow Resource Management Training

See this session overview as you prepare to learn resource management best practices for project and non-project work, while identifying preferred resource solution models.


Resource Management Implementation Roadmap

See the session overview at this link covering how executives and managers can explore resource management best practices and gain access to common starting points and roadmap templates.


Project & Portfolio Fundamentals

Learn to utilize the powerful ServiceNow platform to establish project and portfolio targets, perform “What If” scenario planning, and capitalize on the investment portal, portfolio dashboards, and robust reporting capabilities.

Choose from in-person or remote virtual training to learn about:


  • Project lifecycles and workflows, including stage gates and schedules with resource and financial estimates.
  • Traditional, hybrid, and agile project management controls, assignments, and approvals.
  • Customized project and portfolio dashboards with automated reporting solutions.

Resource and Demand Management

Expedite project delivery with responsible financial oversight by mastering the ServiceNow demand management lifecycle. Learn to draft, submit, screen, and qualify resource demands against project requirements.

Resource Management

With customized training you’ll learn end-to-end demand process flows within ServiceNow PPM including how to monitor resource and financial forecasts, optimize portfolios within current priorities, and approve project demands. Monitor your budgets, forecasts, and actuals against change requests to make informed decisions.

Demand Management

Project Ideation and Time Management

Streamline user input and add value with ServiceNow‘s time management and ideation portal.

Master time tracking and capitalize on internal ingenuity with straightforward cloud solutions.

Our Project Ideation training includes:


  • Overall ideation best practices, including how to create, evaluate, vote, and rank project ideas.
  • How to align ranked input with existing strategies and goals for synergistic outcomes.
  • How to field user feedback and voting results along with vetting, approving and finally importing new ideas into projects.

With Time Management training you can learn to:


  • Learn to standardize time card options and define process workflows through creation, submission, approval, and updates.
  • Utilize the full existing feature set within the time sheet portal including a task board, analytics, and custom notifications.
  • Get increased visibility with built-in summaries of hours by project and other work types along with daily reported totals.

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