ServiceNow GRC

ServiceNow Governance, Risk, & Compliance.

Improve decision making, increase performance, and rapidly assess compliance obligations

with ServiceNow GRC. Utilize a cloud-based interconnected system to get real-time visibility

and continuous monitoring on your ongoing risks and requirements.

Real-time Dashboards

Continuously monitor the pending tasks and status of your high-impact risks, vendors, compliance, and

auditing information. Leverage real-time qualitative and quantitative data to gauge organizational needs.

Utilize ServiceNow GRC Dashboards for:


  • Continuous Monitoring– Identifying non-compliant controls, monitoring high-risk areas, and tracking audit findings with automated validation and evidence gathering in ServiceNow is the only way to see the totality of your business risks.
  • Inform Major Decisions– Leverage interactive visualizations to assess possible answers to your governance and compliance issues, employing accurate real-time data that illuminates unseen scenarios and solutions.

Prioritize Critical Risks

Communicate your most critical risks to other departments, vendors, and stakeholders.

With your CMDB and integrated processes in one place, you have the context to prioritize effectively.

ServiceNow GRC Risk Management enables:


  • Break Down Silos – Detailed business impact analysis enables company-wide visibility into disparate systems and groups, empowering risk management with contextual alignment that spans both asset-based and process-centric methodologies.
  • Effective Communication– Deliver essential information and collaborate across the enterprise with tailored reports and a purpose-built vendor portal.

Cross-functional Automation

Accelerate remediation from weeks to minutes by automating repetitive processes across systems,

rapidly improving evidence collection and allowing analysts to spend more time on high-value tasks.

ServiceNow GRC Cross-functional Automation enables:


  • Automatic Identification – Identify new assets or entities automatically, establishing processes to assign related risks and controls to pertinent resources.
  • Reduce Repetition– Cut repetitive tasks by more than 50% by automating your consistent, repeatable processes and cross-functional activities.

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