Scaling Your Automated Testing Starts

with a Smart Framework

ResultsPositive Automation Services

Allied Solutions utilizes ResultsPositive’s testing expertise to implement

an automated testing framework for their recurring test cycles.

Client Overview

Allied Solutions knows the financial service industry.

With over 35 years of experience in the financial service industry Allied Solutions aims to be the most customer-focused and respected provider of insurance and related products whose customized solutions help clients grow their business and more effectively manage risk.


Allied Solutions


200 million




Carmel, Indiana




The Opportunity

Fixated on rapid iteration and a continual improvement of their product line, Allied Solutions was seeking a way to reduce manual testing effort and improve analytic efficiency.


Encumbered by extensive account maintenance testing, Allied Solutions reached out to ResultsPositive to empower their quality assurance department and implement an automated testing framework.

Approach and Objectives

Document the testing currently in place at Allied Solutions to prioritize tests based on time and stability. Create dedicated, stable environments and develop a framework for automated test scripts with virtual PCs.
Implement HPE UFT to generate reports for further analysis, utilizing dedicated ResultsPositive personnel to create the testing framework and write the required scripts eliminating time consuming maintenance tests.

Automated Test Scripts

Create automated testing capabilities to reduce testing and QA cycle time, decreasing FTE for testing.

Reduce Load

Sought to reduce load on staging and QA environments with a more streamlined testing initiative.

Decrease Workload

Reduce the workload for other testing departments with updated automation and review techniques.

Quality Development

Increase development time by giving software engineers a faster feedback loop on defects identified in QA.

Solution and Results

Maximizing the time and talents of their test analysts was a top priority for Allied Solutions, and integrating HPE Unified Functional Testing enabled analysts to continue their work alongside virtual PCs running scripts on dedicated testing environments. Automated testing cycles are now documented and analyzed via HPE UFT.


Account maintenance tests were reduced from taking 20 hours each to just 45 minutes. Test preparation time was decreased and added functionality to restart regression tests after a new build. New test framework can be pointed at multiple environments for maximum efficiency.

Account Maintenance Tests

Hours Saved Per Test

Windows & UniTrac Patches

Hours Saved Per Year

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