Running HPE ALM.NET and ALM.Octane in Parallel

By: Matt Angerer

HPE ALM.Octane was announced at HPE Discover 2016.

Octane is the next evolution in helping software development teams transition to more modern practices such as Scrum, Agile, DevOps, and more. Built on open architecture, the platform uses Swagger-documented REST APIs that enable 3rd party tool integrations. The possibilities for ALM.Octane are endless, but a few notable out-of-the-box integrations, including both Gherkin and Jenkins, promise to revolutionize your continuous integration & delivery.

ResultsPositive, an HPE Platinum Partner, has been helping organizations for years with their QA transformational efforts using both HPE Quality Center and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).  We have developed actionable roadmaps to help improve QA maturity and implement risk-based quality management, end-to-end traceability, and effective change impact analysis.

Fast forward to the early 2000s and development teams continue to push the envelope, accelerating velocity and time-to-market. Teams transition from “leaning towards Agile” to “diving head first into Agile” and their existing development and testing practices can’t keep up. After all, the Waterfall-centric practices of yesteryear were designed around planning, reliability, and longer cycle times. Introducing Bi-Modal Governance – first cited by Gartner Research:

two mode overview gartner

Partnering up with Tasktop, ResultsPositive is committed to removing the barriers that often exist when transitioning newer development projects to Agile methodology. With heavy investments in both HPE Quality Center or ALM, you can now bridge ALM.Octane, Quality Center, or ALM.NET for end-to-end visibility. This can also help either ease the transition to ALM.Octane, or embrace the concept of Bi-Modal IT cited by Gartner Research.

According to Mik Kerston, CEO of Tasktop: “Our goal is to support our customers’ Agile and DevOps transformations. While new projects will be able to quickly leverage the benefits of Octane, enterprise customers have massive investments in existing HPE ALM and Quality Center test repositories.”

Contact ResultsPositive today for a free demo of ALM.NET and ALM.Octane integrated to drive both reliability and agility within your organization.


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