ServiceNow CMDB

ServiceNow Configuration Management Database

Leverage a single system of record for your IT with ServiceNow CMDB. Gain full visibility into your infrastructure and services, enabling more robust control of internal environments and better decision making across all applications and processes.

Dependency and Service Mapping

Use ServiceNow CMDB to map service onto existing configuration data and connect CIs within a service for a self-aware CMDB that is fully integrated and agentless.

Utilize ServiceNow dependency and service mapping for:


  • Single System of Action– Know what assets are in your environments and the dependencies across all your applications and processes.
  • Rapid Analysis– Speed up business impact analysis, eliminate service outages, and improve incident and change management.
  • Out of the Box Service Maps– See suggested asset relationships and leverage auto-updated IT maps for rapid organizational change.

Data Health Dashboard

A CMDB health dashboard provides a holistic view into the quality of CMDB data with an advanced auto-remediation framework to maintain and improve integral information.

ServiceNow CMDB Data Health Dashboards enable:


  • Built-in Data Certification – Assign tasks to people and groups within IT to validate data models, attributes, and CI on a regular scheduled basis.
  • Industry Standard Benchmarks– See the quality of data at the CMDB, CI class, and CI levels over set benchmarks so you can accurately measure CMDB health relative to industry peers.

Reporting and Query Builder

Enjoy a clear graphical view of complex IT infrastructure and service relationships, with a robust query builder that can quickly uncover drift, unplanned changes, and incident history.

CMDB Reporting and Query Builder facilitates:


  • Multi-channel Queries – ServiceNow provides a simple means of querying the CMDB for CIs and relationships across multiple CMDB tables, including service maps.
  • Single Pane Reports– IT can easily sort data maps, filtering in on specific CIs and seeing the impact and risk alongside in-flight operations like incident, problem, and change requests.

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