Supplement Selenium and Jenkins with New Open Source ALM Tools

By:  Ryan S. Furner

New integrations in HPE ALM Octane allow you to take the open source tools you love and add the full analytic functionality of the enterprise application lifecycle. ResultsPositive and HPE understand the necessity of having timely, transparent, and collaborative projects.

ALM Octane offers the ability to track your developer’s progress and IT operations in real-time. Quick tests, customized reports, and prioritized defect logging improves your collaborative capacity, including members of your development team with a diverse open source background.

In addition to the real-time analysis that Open Source ALM Octane provides, full lifecycle visibility becomes fundamental to the development lifecycle process. When a local or a decentralized contributor makes an addition, all members can view it from a variety of devices. Sharing in this collaborative process, participants see how their contributions overlap and unite to produce the products they support. This allows executive management, project managers, business managers, business analysts, development, and testing teams to all participate in the creative process.

Easy Integration of Open Source ALM Octane with Jenkins

HPE ALM Octane platform easily integrates with the teams existing Jenkins/ CI system for visibility into the release pipeline, supporting a faster path from annual testing to test automation. HPE ALM Octane also provides a foundation for common terminology across the application development lifecycle facilitating more closely connected teams. HPE ALM Octane integrates directly into Jenkins continuous integration and build environment. Quickly view release and quality pipelines, adjusting to new changes in validation or regression tests. See the Jenkins-ALM integration video posted below:


Easy Integration of Open Source ALM Octane with Gherkin and Selenium

HPE ALM Octane provides the ability for teams to author tests using Gherkin, assisting in the conversion of automated scripts, and managing the execution of your test suites. Whether planning tests within the context of a continuous integration pipeline or executing regression tests on the fly, with HPE ALM software you can view aggregated project analytics covering your entire application. HPE ALM Octane expands open-source compatibility with Selenium customization options. Record and playback authored tests within the ALM framework, automatically collecting data on your web applications.

Bring your experience with working with outside software programs and enhance your businesses capabilities. If you have enjoyed using Jenkins, Gherkin, and Selenium continue using them. Simply, add HPE ALM Octane to your experience and benefit from real-time sharing, increased transparency, and added collaboration. Enhance how you do business and customize it in a way that will most benefit you.


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