Navigating Organizational Change

Organizational Change Management

Implement a comprehensive adoption strategy around the changing needs and capabilities of your organization with specialized marketing, communication, and training services. Optimize value realization across the enterprise for your ServiceNow investments.

ServiceNow Change Management Planning

Improve your ability to achieve internal goals, meet deadlines, and realize user-adoption targets by preparing the people on your team for ServiceNow. ResultsPositive has the experience and expertise you maximize the value of your ServiceNow investment.

Utilize ResultsPositive OCM for insights on:


  • Delegation – Determine who needs to be involved and is best suited to plan and execute organizational improvements, with an eye to future strategies and capabilities.
  • Engagement– Use go-live celebrations and materials to engage people in the implementation process and commit them to a new working paradigm.
  • Adoption– Identify processes and insights to build a plan that encourages team adaptation and transformational change.

Custom OCM Communications

Employ professional corporate communications internally to help sell organizational change and entice users with new feature efficiency. Sell your vision with custom apps, websites, emails, and graphics.

Organizational change management media:


  • Multi-Channel Communications – Whether via targeted emails, lunch and learns, demos, newsletters, articles, videos or apps, ResultsPositive is ready to get the message out on your latest internal initiatives.
  • Define Your Audience– Craft tailored information for target audiences on your team, highlighting pertinent business outcomes as suits organizational needs.
  • Objectives and Responsibilities– Communicate when and what you need to accomplish, identifying and informing the responsible parties.

ServiceNow Educational Playbooks

Whether you’re looking to educate organizational leaders or create a repository of product information for internal use, we can help you find innovative solutions.

Leverage the playbook experts at ResultsPositive to:


  • Inform and reassure your staff with invaluable reference material that reduces time-consuming internal tickets.
  • Centralize frequently asked questions into a single source for rapid resolutions.
  • Provide role-based audio-visual content to walk through user stories and common issues.

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