ServiceNow CSM Solution

Elevate Your Customer Service Management

Digitally transform your customer service management with scalable AI-driven self-service that automates common requests, utilizes chatbots, and employs a robust community-centric knowledge base. Easily visualize product and service issues for preemptive resolutions across departments.

Powerful & Personalized Self Service

Boost satisfaction and reduce service costs with an out-of-the-box CSM solution. With Knowledge Management in ServiceNow, you can enable your customers and employees to answer questions themselves with easy-to-use and intuitive knowledge experiences.

ServiceNow Knowledge Management can provide:


  • Workflow and Publishing – Allow agents to search for and create new knowledge content while resolving issues.
  • Service Portal Integration– Expose available articles through the service portal and empower users to search, browse, and view articles from desktop and mobile devices.
  • Crowd-sourced Solutions– Promote knowledge sharing and encourage company-wide content creators to help eliminate information gaps.

Agent Workspace Dashboard

Solve issues quickly with a customized workspace built to facilitate issue resolution. Use a consolidated dashboard to respond to cases, view the full issue context, and get relevant recommendations.

The ServiceNow CSM Agent Workspace includes:


  • Improved Agent Visibility – Improve efficiency by keeping your agents informed of recent updates related to ongoing issues in a live activity feed.
  • Multi-tab Layout– Enable agents to work on multiple issues at the same time within an optimized multi-tab dashboard display.
  • Integrated Communications– With active chatting, you can communicate with customers from the same interface you review and solve their issues.

Visual Task Boards

Resolve complex customer issues with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that breaks down silos and automates processes across departments for rapid state change and expedited resolutions.

Visual Taskboards in ServiceNow CSM include:


  • Simple Graphical Interface – Records are displayed as “cards” in a drag-and-drop interface for easy categorization that’s more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Activity Stream– A stream embedded within the board shows all recent activity so you can review any changes in real time.
  • Adaptable Content– Easily track the state of tasks across lanes, adding more lanes and tasks as needed, while assigning team members with a simple click.

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