The IDIOT Syndrome: How HP is Dealing With It

By: Rohan Tyagi

I recently came across an acronym “IDIOT” – Impulsive Digital Isolation Obsessive Tendency, from the CEO of Bulldog Drummond, Shawn Parr. Although the word has a trailing ancestry and doesn’t sound unfamiliar, this is the most sensible use I have ever seen. IDIOT is a syndrome which classifies people who are consumed by digital media and the apps and devices surrounding it.

Doctors and experts believe that addiction to smartphones is similar to other addictions like smoking or gambling. Whether you see them as negative, informative, or even humane, the truth is that people spend a lot of time on their phones or tablets engaged with mobile apps. My intent here is not to debate or advocate the pros and cons of this new trend. I only wish to highlight that things have changed.

What We Can Do

As responsible technologists, if we brought this change then we should also be prepared to embrace and improve upon it. While app developers are working hard to make user experiences more graphically and logically informative, it becomes more embarrassing when the app crashes or malfunctions. Don’t forget, people have a tendency to leave reviews when something goes wrong, not when things are in harmony!

So how does HP help with this IDIOT syndrome? –  “AppPulse Mobile”

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