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Change the way you view project analytics. See how you can easily aggregate & automate IT and Business project reporting by using a single, comprehensive dashboard.

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Portfolio Management

What’s new with HP PPM 9.31 – 20min

See the new capabilities and user interface which make HP PPM 9.31 HP’s most completer project management solution to date.

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Bridge the gap between Strategic and Operational reporting – 26min

“WOW” your executive leadership team with a single view for performance KPI’s in near real-time visibility.

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HP Application Portfolio Management (HP APM) SaaS – 46min

Experiences and best practices we’ve learned in helping customers create value with HP APM SaaS.

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How to connect HP PPM and SharePoint – 19min

Discover Project Workspaces, an HP PPM plugin that seamlessly connects HP PPM and SharePoint to create multiple workstations for project team members.

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Increase project visibility with configurable PMO dashboard – 10min

Stop wasting countless hours and dollars sifting through Excel spreadsheets. See how our dashboard can automate project reporting and provide interactive metrics.

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HP PPM integrations with HP ALM and HP Agile Manager – 36min

See how HP PPM 9.2+ integrates with HP ALM/Quality Center and HP Agile Manager.

HP PPM Compliacne/Governance Toolkit – 22min

Get an objective view of user adoption and compliance to governance processes with our HP PPM Toolkit.

Resource Planner: HP PPM Resource Management Plugin – 10min

With the Resource Planner plugin, you can easily manage your resources from a single screen with the following capabilities.

Resource Management: The Cornerstone of Project and Portfolio Management – 50min

Effective resource management is the foundational basis for accomplishing the mission and vision of an organization.

PMO Best Practices – 44min

We’ve put together a list of best practices to help PMO’s including how to handle challenges, approach implementation, and enable lasting adoption.

PMO Benefits Realization – 40min

Benefits realization can take a long time. So we’ve put together a framework for implementation approaches, the role of the PMO in adoption and accountability, and maturing the organization.


Simulate mobile testing across android and iOS – 14min

See firsthand how HP Mobile Center can automate mobile testing, record and run test scripts, as well as simulate network testing across iOS and Android devices.

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Monitor, diagnose, and deliver better apps – 27min

Introducing HP AppPulse Active. A solution that enables you with the ability to monitor, diagnose, and deliver an application experience that will delight your customers.

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The complete mobile app lifecycle – 29min

Learn strategies and proven practices for Enterprise Mobile App development, functional and performance testing, application monitoring, and mobile data analytics.

HP’s Mobile App Development platform – 5min

Take a quick look at how HP is providing a comprehensive platform to host and develop enterprise mobile apps.

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Real User Monitoring for mobile apps – 2min

How good is your mobile user experience right now? Find out with instant visibility into the health of web, cloud, and mobile end user experience.

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Conquering End to End Mobile Lifecycle Management – 9min

From initial design to monitoring user experience, Mike and Jon discuss various strategic solutions to ensure quality mobile applications.

Service Management

HP’s IT Service Management solution – 43min

HP Service Anywhere, a SaaS-based service desk that delivers a new system of engagement that connects business and IT in one conversation.

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Integrating OO with HP Service Anywhere – 14min

Learn how your organization can leverage HP Service Anywhere with HP Operations Orchestration to introduce automation as a delivery vehicle to the business.

Integrating HP CMDB with HP Service Anywhere – 21min

Learn strategies and proven practices for Enterprise Mobile App development, functional and performance testing, application monitoring, and mobile data analytics.

What’s new with Configuration Management Database – 41min

See how HP CMDB 10.2 can help you establish configuration standards to improve the stability of the environment and delivery of services.

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Simplify your discovery approach with HP Universal Discovery – 59min

Discover how HP Universal Discovery can simplify your discovery approach for your data center elements as well as applications that run on them.

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Service Mapping with Universal CMDB Browser – 59min

Learn how you can reduce time to value with through automated discovery and service model maps.

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Getting started with uCDMB concepts – 47min

Shining some light on Application Mapping key processes for mapping infrastructure and other critical configuration items to support your mission critical business applications.

Cloud & Automation

Cloud Service Automation – 29min

How to perform self service provisioning of servers and applications in order to integrate the entire HP Software Operations Portfolio.

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The industry leader in Private Cloud – 48min

Why is HP the industry leader in Private Cloud? Because they know the real value is cloud based provisioning of the entire platform or application.

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HP Private Cloud solution overview – 19min

Discover the industry’s most comprehensive, unified cloud management platform.

HP Cloud and Data Center Automation solutions – 45min

This video will discuss solutions such as: IT Process Automation, server automation, automation of database & middleware technology, application automation and network change & configuration automation.

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Why HP is the right choice for Private / Hybrid Cloud solutions – 5min

Why ResultsPositive is the go to partner for Cloud and Automation – 2min

HP Server Automation: Windows Patching – 7min

Learn how to download select patches for windows, create and apply policies, and review the reconciliation results.

HP Server Automation: Provisioning Operating System – 7min

See how to create a VM, place it in the DHCP pool, perform server discovery, push an operating system, and review the newly managed server.

How to deploy HP Server Automation Virtual Appliance – 11min

A continuous time-lapse recording to showcase how quickly you can start to use HP SAVA and generate value in less than 2hrs.

Application Lifecycle Mgmt

The latest and greatest for Application Lifecycle Mgmt – 26min

A single repository to plan, build, collaborate, test, and accelerate application delivery.

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Monitor and manage applications and infrastructure – 29min

Learn how your organization can begin to reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolution, operational costs, and avoid “War Room” scenarios with HP Business Service Management.

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HP Application Portfolio Management (HP APM) SaaS46min

Experiences and best practices we’ve learned in helping customers create value with HP APM SaaS.

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Increase Agile adoption and get to market quicker – 26min

Innovate faster, get to the market sooner, and improve collaboration through Agile adoption.

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Test and Secure: Full speed ahead – 4min

When it comes to applications, you want to make sure they are safe to deploy and they will perform under pressure. Here is a quick overview of HP UFT and Fortify which can help you accomplish those goals.

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Optimize HP ALM with ALI and risk based quality mgmt – 34min

Discover how you can aggregate data from multiple ALM tools to establish traceability and surface actionable information.

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