HPE Sprinter v12.53 Works with Mobile Center, UFT, Quality Center, ALM, and Agile Manager

By: Matt Angerer

HP Enterprise software never stops innovating. In fact, HPE Sprinter continues to evolve into one of our favorite free testing products.

Sprinter now supports integration with Agile Manager v2.5. If you’re a fan of Agile Manager for planning your sprint cycles, you might want to ask your embedded QA engineers to download and install HPE Sprinter v12.53. This way, your QA Engineers can hit the ground running when a developer needs a new feature set tested. Sprinter allows for easy submission of smart defects to either ALM, Quality Center, or Agile Manager.

Before you race off and upgrade to the latest version of Sprinter, we’d like to echo HPE’s stance below. Schedule a free demo today with one of our Sr. Solution Architects to see HPE Sprinter in action!

Sprinter and Automated Testing Tools

Sprinter and HPE UFT (Unified Functional Testing) share a variety of system resources. Before installing Sprinter on a computer where (UFT) is already installed, consider the following:

  • If you uninstall UFT 12.53 after installing Sprinter, run the Sprinter installation again in Repair mode.
  • Sprinter cannot be run simultaneously on the same computer as UFT if Power Mode is enabled.
  • Any changes to the installation of one of these products will affect the other. If you uninstall, modify, or upgrade one product, the other may fail. You will need to repair the installation of the affected product.
Mobile Center

See the HPE Mobile Center Readme for a list of general Mobile Center limitations. Available on the HPE Software Support site: Here.

Following are specific Sprinter limitations associated with the Mobile Center integration:

  • Sprinter does not capture text input on Android devices. Only the PC keyboard is supported.
  • If Mobile Center is deployed on an AWS server, Sprinter supports only physical devices that are connected to a machine via the Mobile Center connector.
  • Sprinter describes actions on drop down lists using non-user friendly terms.
  • Mobile Center does not provide device metrics as part of the test run results.
  • Simulations of events on mobile devices, such as call, SMS, are not recorded in Sprinter.


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