Top 5 Reasons to Learn More About ALI (App. Lifecycle Intelligence)

By: Matt Angerer

HP Quality Center (QC) and HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) are widely used tools for managing testing & quality assurance activities. Both of them also help manage requirements, compile test plans, monitor testing activities, and track defects- truly a one-stop solution for all key SDLC steps.

Today, we explore why your organization should take the time to learn more about HP ALI and how it will help you achieve the ever elusive integrated ALM environment. When ALM tools like Eclipse, JIRA, and TFS are integrated with HP ALM, you can easily manage bi-directional traceability between the integrated toolsets. Let’s quickly explore the Top 5 Reasons to Learn More about ALI:

     1. Synchronization:

Allows your team to establish synchronization between Requirements Management, Test Management, and Issue Management Activities.

     2. Preferred Tools:

Allows your team to work within their preferred tool environment and stay up-to-date about requirements that are being managed in another tool.

     3. Maintain Traceability:

Allows your team to validate application requirements and maintain traceability among requirements, tests, and defects.

     4. Change Impact Analysis:

Allows your team to keep track of changes made to artifacts across tools.

     5. Best Practice Enablement:

Enables your team to enact best practice processes across SDLC stages to ensure strict process adherence and compliance.

As your organization’s testing environment evolves, it’s essential you adopt an “integrated mindset” when approaching ALM tools. The increasing complexity of testing scenarios has raised the demand for ALI in recent years. ResultsPositive works closely with organizations of all shapes and sizes to enable the entire lifecycle through the centralized use of HP ALM in a heterogeneous environment. We help you achieve bi-directional traceability and control over various tools from multiple vendors across your testing infrastructure.

Coaching is available on best practices for integrating 3rd party tools like Microsoft SharePoint or DOORS, so that requirements flow seamlessly into HP ALM. As your requirements evolve, the importance of keeping the associated test case(s) accurate becomes increasingly important. The “bridges” we help you build ensures that your teams remain productive in their preferred tool environment, while drastically enhancing team collaboration and ultimate success.

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