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Business software that solves. Enable your business with

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Business Software

We provide full lifecycle web and mobile application development

services from design, development, functional/performance/security

testing, application monitoring, hosting, and support.

Application Delivery

Application Delivery

Design, build, test, and deliver enterprise solutions

faster and more efficiently than ever before.


An application management solution designed to help you plan, build, collaborate, test, and accelerate the delivery of software applications.


Mobile testing software that allows you to automate functional, GUI, and non GUI testing across multiple layers & platforms.

HPE LoadRunner

Prevent application performance issues with interactive recording, scripting, reporting, and analysis provided by a single solution that also supports mobile.

HPE Sprinter & QC

Capture user actions, eliminate manual testing repetition, and automate defect scanners across multiple machines for increased coverage.

Technology Automation

Technology Automation

Automation solutions to help reduce costs, streamline

processes, and optimize IT Operations.


BSM enterprise solutions provide visibility into end user experience, performance monitoring, & service mapping.


Increase visibility and simply cloud management with a customizable and intuitive self-service portal.

Azure Service Pack

Quickly select, provision, and manage Azure Linux & Windows VM’s with pre-configured components.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Support leading strategies and deliver projects

on time, within scope, and on budget.


Ensure the right resources are invested in the right projects with visibility into resource utilization, demand, and configurable workflows.

Project Workspaces

Project Workspaces enables users to instantly create a collaborative project workstation in SharePoint when a project is built in HP PPM.

Resource Planner

A simple, yet powerful HP PPM resource management plugin that allows you to update staffing profiles easily with inline-editing capabilities.

PMO View

Connect and visualize your Excel or 3rd party data into drillable, real time reports that inform across your financial, resource, and project portfolio.

Service Management

Service Management

Optimize support and enhance application performance

using intuitive and comprehensive enterprise solutions

HPE Propel

Become an IT self-service broker and realize a single-user experience with secure multi-supplier online portals for ITSM and Cloud.

HPE Service Anywhere

Simplify service management with self-service knowledge libraries, social collaboration, and smart search to proactively manage incidents.


Manage change effectively and comprehensively across environments. Provide impact analysis, change tracking, and comprehensive reporting.

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