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PPM Deployment Services

Revolutionize your E-Business Suite with ResultsPositive

change, release, and deployment management. Automate

code migration and approvals, while keeping compliance.


Premier PPM Deployment

Sprint straight to success with our Rapid Start integration experts.

Workflow Configuration

Validate data and software change dependencies, Security, Escalation, environment selector, notifications

System Segregation

Prevent undue access to system and resources with proper permissions and segmentation.

Third Party Integrations

Integrate proprietary tools and 3rd parties like BitBucket, Subversion, or ClearQuest.

Automate Admin Tasks

Accelerate code through the pipeline with automated Oracle approvals.

Object Migrations

Expedite delivery and manage application changes with field and command migrations.

Industry Compliance

Careful optimization ensures full SOX, Patriot Act, CFR or other compliance requirements.

“ResultsPositive’s consulting services were instrumental in helping us accelerate our delivery of innovative business solutions.”

Luke Friang, CIO

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