Your Next Step in Security

Enterprise Security Solutions

Verify and validate the security of your software applications without anything

to manage or install. ResultsPositive helps you increase the speed and efficiency

of your security within the agile development lifecycle.

Solution Packages

We offer full scope penetration testing services, not just a simple vulnerability

scan on your internet facing applications. While most vendors are only performing bulk penetration testing

with automated tools, we employ ethical hackers that take actions beyond standard industry scrutiny.

ResultsPositive’s in-the-wild full scope penetration testing services adds another layer of assurance to our dynamic application security solution scanning packages.

  • Third Party Testing – On-demand security enables companies to identify security risks of outsourced or open source content and implement the necessary security control strategies.
  • Cloud-Based Testing – With minimal investment and easy access, you can scale with changing business needs without ever having to install, procure, or maintain hardware.
  • Centralized Portal – Manage application portfolios across teams with the ability to assess risk, initiate scans, analyze results, and remediate vulnerabilities based on prioritized recommendations.

Software Security Products

On-demand cloud testing is designed to help you quickly identify security risks.

With minimal investment and easy access, we can help design software to meet your evolving enterprise

security solutions. From custom-built .NET applications to custom code changes within SAP ECC.

Mobile Testing

Combine security and custom SAP ECC code for the industry’s most comprehensive application security testing service on the market today. Extend your in-house SAP CRM and Microsoft Dynamics software quality assurance and testing teams with our hosted solutions offerings. Our exploratory testing solutions are ready now to identify and remediate high-severity defects in your software infrastructure and codebase.

On Demand Security

Shield Your Information

Did you know that almost half of tested applications show cross-site scripting vulnerabilities? Today everyone

and everything is a target. From the last online service with your information, to the smart phone in your pocket,

our digital life is being strip-mined for information. ResultsPositive can help you securely and dynamically scan

your application under test for an array of potential vulnerabilities susceptible to hackers.

Read about how ServiceMaster was able to integrate enterprise security solutions into the software development lifecycle and DevOps deployment process. With modern security solutions they were able to produce more secure software while detecting and defending against application attacks.

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