Top 5 Tips on Eliminating Reporting Waste with PMO View

By: Sean Buckley

Disrupting established industries has never been more prominent or more probable. Rapidly advancing technology and a burgeoning economy continue to breed market volatility. Can your organization afford to delay innovation in the face of increasing client competition?

To safeguard your company, eliminating waste has to be a top priority. While dedicated teams can run efficiently within their specialized line of work, they often elude managerial oversight, hidden beneath a shroud of technical complexity. C-suite executives steadily lose their grasp on the daily progress of company initiatives and struggle to define the direction of an institution.

The following guidelines will help to reduce reporting waste by improving the vision and communication of your organization:

1. Reports that don’t lead to action and insight are reports wasted. With PMO View, you can drill down into project metrics to the desired specificity, quickly finding the answers you need to make proactive decisions possible.

2. A sense of community and progress motivates the organization as nebulous concepts take shape, becoming more exciting and attainable. Unifying reporting processes and communications under a single platform will help translate your work across departments and increase focus on core deliverables.

3.  Eliminate the submission and presentation of reports with a visibility dashboard perspective. Costly and tedious meeting time can be reinvested in the company as pertinent information is distributed digitally to key shareholders in the organization.

4. Establishing common goals and a mutual understanding of how to achieve them is only the first step in combatting miscommunication. There has to be some way to assess and improve as time goes on. Measure departmental performance at a glance by quarters, proposals, and projects.

5. A vision for the future will ensure the longevity and success of your current investments. A centralized data platform improves enterprise visibility and insights, enabling far-thinking initiatives.

Free up resources to elaborate high-level strategy and invest in the future of your business with PMO View reporting solutions. Simplify knowledge transfer with uniform categories and templates that you can download and share.

Organizational communication remains a serious issue across the IT industry. Overcome technical complexity with clarity in your goals and reporting.­­

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