Get the most out of your

Software Investments with RP SaaS

RP SaaS Solutions

RP SaaS is ResultsPositive’s scalable, flexible, and affordable

cloud solution for enterprise applications.

ResultsPositive SaaS Enabled Solutions

With ResultsPositive SaaS offerings, your software is available 24/7 to support

business needs, allowing you to focus on running the business while leveraging the

RP solution specialists to expedite value and adoption of your IT investments.

Visually Plan and Define

HPE ALM Octane allows teams to visually assess their status and quickly align with goals and milestones. Prioritize tasks across a collaborative workspace.

Requirements Management

Define, manage, and track requirements throughout development. Focus your development with accountability to key deliverables.

Optimize Application Portfolio

Forecast project needs and adapt your software with HP PPM. Fiscal forecasts let you make effective software license decisions.

Why Choose ResultsPositive SaaS?

See why ResultsPositive has won so many support and satisfaction accolades.

Service & Support

ResultsPositive boasts high satisfaction and renewal rates with monthly customer success meetings and experienced consultants.


Deploy for emergency and off-cycle releases with support for periodic weekend & adaptable maintenance schedules.


Get right-sized application environments with fast, high performance solutions and quarterly performance reports.


Our SAE16 certified data centers offer redundant failover service and end-to-end business service monitoring.

Tier 1 SaaS Support

Choose an adaptable service package from our award winning support team with an average of 7 years experience each. All new SaaS solutions include service definitions, levels, and performance reporting with 9/5 or 24/7 support coverage.

Our large SAE certified, multi-point data centers have constant power supply, systems monitoring, and advanced PCI compliant security.

Superior SaaS Performance

ResultsPositive’s SaaS Hosting and Services

24/7 U.S. Based


100% Uptime


Rapid Server


Tier 1 Multipoint




Flexible Hosting


ResultsPositive Knows SaaS

Customer case studies that demonstrate our value.

Entertainment Partners had grown tired of their manual IT Performance Scorecard and wanted something a little more automated with flexible access. With ResultsPositive SaaS solutions and HP Executive Scorecard, EP found what they were looking for and experienced the following benefits that improved their overall IT Performance.

  • Reduction in manual reporting
  • Automated loading of KPIs
  • Increased performance with RP SaaS

Hosting With Options

Support your business with adaptable RP SaaS services.


Managed Services

No matter where your organization is in their SaaS solutions, RP can handle your needs for installations, configuration, updates, backups, security, recovery, and more.

Dedicated Hosting

Our enterprise level dedicated servers have a 100% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support, rapid deployment, and tier 1 hardware, offering you top speed & reliability.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is flexible, scalable, and SDD-powered with multiple availability zones allowing maximum access to business apps & test/dev environments.

Hybrid Hosting

The best of both worlds, Hybrid hosting allows you to connect your cloud instance to the servers you already use to easily scale & manage performance.