Increasing Application Performance and

Availability with HPE LoadRunner Testing

ResultsPositive Retail Performance Testing

Saks Fifth Avenue implements performance processes for internal applications,

increasing availability and mitigating risk for product changes.

Client Overview

Saks Fifth Avenue is a leader in the retail revolution.

Established during the roaring 1920’s in New York, Saks Fifth Avenue has been a mainstay of the luxury retail market for nearly 100 years. A Modern byword for taste and elegance, they’ve remained an integral part of the industry through imaginative foresight and unmatched professional excellence.

Parent Company

Hudson’s Bay


6.6 Billion




Toronto, Ontario


Department Stores


The Opportunity

In their continued pursuit to bring the finest services to their clients, Saks Fifth Avenue started working with ResultsPositive to implement a rigorous performance testing process across their complex back end systems.


Seeking a dynamic automated testing solution, ResultsPositive recommended they use HPE LoadRunner to assess their integrated financial systems and databases across DB2, Oracle, SQL, TeraData, and other internal environments.

Approach and Objectives

ResultsPositive professionals were able to assist Saks Fifth Avenue with discounted LoadRunner testing licenses and comprehensive implementation and testing services.
The results of performance tests were then used to pinpoint system issues with speed and accuracy, allowing developent team members to resolve pressing issues before promoting new technologies to production.

Automated Testing

Automating and repeating the tests across environments ensured complete functionality.

Fast Test Cycles

Mitigated risk by performing fast, automated testing cycles that saved time and money for Saks Fifth Avenue.

Eliminate Issues

Performance tests helped pinpoint issues in order to resolve problems before pushing to production.

Load Testing

Critical applications were demonstrated to scale appropriately, even under heavy load.

Solution and Results

As a result of the thorough testing HPE LoadRunner testing completed by ResultsPositive, Saks Fifth Avenue was able to enhance their already robust technology solutions. New processes and products provided faster performance testing cycles and extended environment support for greater software utility and improved cohesion. Overall, application availability and performance was much improved, with the added benefit of cutting future costs by reducing known production issues.


Equipped with a better assessment of their production environment and emboldened by their improved application performance, Saks Fifth Avenue is now prepared to mitigate risks associated with product changes and load variability, allowing them to remain the tenacious and agile competitor in the luxury retail space that they’ve always been.

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