KeyCorp converts HPE’s PPM from a

Traditional to 4-4-5 Calendar

ResultsPositive HPE PPM Optimization

KeyCorp reduces overhead and manual reconciliation errors by converting

traditional PPM calendar system to a 4-4-5 business calendar.

Client Overview

KeyCorp knows the financial service industry.

KeyCorp is one of the nation’s largest bank-based financial services companies. Key companies provide investment management, retail and commercial banking, consumer finance, and investment banking products and services to individuals and companies throughout the world.




5.5 Billion




Cleveland, Ohio


Financial Services


The Opportunity

KeyBank originally implemented HPE PPM on a fiscal or Gregorian calendar system. However, KeyBank’s budgeting and accounting system are based on the 4-4-5 calendaring system. The team was able create custom reports and portlets within PPM to convert the fiscal data into the 4-4-5 calendar, but the process was fraught with on-going overhead costs of manual reconciliation errors. Fast forward a few years and KeyBank decided to engage ResultsPositive, a Platinum HPE Partner, to convert PPM to a 4-4-5 calendar system.

Approach and Objectives

Thoroughly test existing calendar integrations and write custom conversion scripts to amend internal PPM processes. Run reconciliation and validation test scripts to ensure a cohesive calendar update for the existing production environment.
ResultsPositive provided professional consulting services to analyze KeyBank’s existing PPM environment. Specifically, ResultsPositive analyzed the following aspects of the client’s business operations:

Project and Portfolio

HPE PPM Services and how KeyBank used the Enterprise Project Planning Tool.

Financial Updates

Financial summary updates and cost rollups for both programs and portfolios.


Focus on minimizes impact on capital expenditures (CAPEX)

Internal Processes

Improve working environment with simplified internal processes.

Solution and Results

After a successful dry run of the conversion, validation, and reconciliation testing within ResultsPositive’s internal HPE PPM environment, KeyBank approved the start of the project on their four PPE environments. ResultsPositive performed the HPE PPM conversion on each consecutive environment as the KeyBank internal team conducted thorough manual tests.


Within just 8 weeks, ResultsPositive’s team of HPE PPM experts was able to successfully convert KeyBank’s internal environments to a 4-4-5 calendar system. The predeveloped validation and reconciliation test scripts were executed over each environment flawlessly.

“The end result of the HPE PPM conversion project for KeyBank is that their project planning tool is now in-sync with their corporate calendar, making monthly reconciliation a simple and repeatable process.” – John Sherman, VP Practice Delivery, ResultsPositive

Total System Conversion

Weeks Until Completion

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