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Business and Technology

Improving Collaboration with PPM Integration

Cox Communications optimizes and consolidates their instance of HPE PPM to synchronize and collaborate with internal processes.

Client Overview

Cox Communications brings information to you.

Cox Communications, also known as Cox Cable is a privately owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises providing digital cable television and telecommunications services in the United States. It is the third-largest cable television provider in the United States, serving more than 5.9 million customers.


Cox Communications


10 Billion




Atlanta, Georgia


Broadcast Media



The Opportunity

Cox Communications had been successfully running HPE Project and Portfolio Management for years on the business side of their organization.


When Technology planned to implement HPE PPM, the customer was presented with several challenges related to the complexity of their EPM system and their goals of automation and improved efficiency.

Approach and Objectives

ResultsPositive provided Project and Portfolio Management consulting services and delivered a single project management instance capable of maintaining existing business processes with the addition of new IT business initiatives.
The new system design would utilize a parent-child relationship for proposals and projects with automated technology proposals being generated whenever business-side initiatives required them, finally syncing the tech and business side data at the close of the proposal.

Coexisting Businesses

Both technology and business had existing business processes that would need to coexist in HPE PPM.

Correlated Autonomy

Business and Technology wanted to maintain much of their current processes while improving data sharing and collaboration.

Integrate Processes

Business-side already had functional workflows within PPM that had to be integrated into the new system.

Remove Dual Entry

All parties needed to improve individual efficiency by removing dual entry of shared data between the parts of the organization.

Solution and Results

As a direct result of ResultsPositive’s HPE PPM integration and custom optimizations Cox Communications was able to implement new IT business processes that synchronized data sharing through robust and effortless automation. Subsequent improvements in collaboration and communication on shared project activity helped save time and energy for departmental staff.


By implementing a flexible PPM design that allowed other business units to share the integrated solution, Cox Communications improved an already successful system to create one of the premier project and portfolio management instances in the nation.

Prior to engaging ResultsPositive, the challenge of the Business and Technology processes co-existing in one PPM system seemed impossible. ResultsPositive’s design made it seamless and its simplicity with automation between the workflows reduced the complexity for the groups to interact effortlessly within the Cox Portfolio! – George Asselin, Quality and Control Director

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