Crowd Management in the Digital Age

Mobile Wayfinding Apps and Hardware

The modern visitor requires a cohesive mobile experience. At ResultsPositive, we

develop cutting edge custom apps that provide turn-by-turn directions with location and time

based push notifications, complete with all the hardware you’ll need to make it happen.

Custom Wayfinding Apps

Bridging the gap between the physical and digital world.

Start Solving Faster

ResultsPositive custom app development can help you incorporate user, device, location, and other contextual data to engage visitors in relevant and meaningful ways, encourage brand loyalty, increase revenue, and create a memorable guest experience by offering more personalized services.
Leverage our unique hardware partnerships to deliver location services faster. By offering design and hardware together, we implement faster.

Affordable Beacons

Aruba beacons are small Bluetooth devices that triangulate real time locations, enabling elegant location solutions.

Scalable Solutions

Whether guiding conference participants or engaging major venue attendees, we can scale and deploy to meet your needs.

App Experts

Our mobile development experts are fluent in the latest platforms and languages to keep your tech cutting edge.

Rapid Implementation

A unique blend of software and hardware partners means you can implement location services faster.

Integration Platforms

Location Service Hardware

Engage employees and customers in new ways with location analytics, wayfinding,

and proximity campaigns made possible by the latest in location services and solutions.

Integrate beacons, sensors, and unique mobile tools to bring locations to life.

Experience real-time location context and leverage bluetooth low-energy (BLE) technology for proximity push notifications, wayfinding, and other location based network solutions. Remote or centrally manage Aruba beacons over best-in-class Wifi to see how scalable location services can transform user experience and differentiate your brand.

Samples of our Work

A small sample of our custom web and mobile applications.

Learn more about wayfinding apps.